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Questions & Answers

Let us answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our sundecks

  • Why would I choose to install a deck?
    Decking can be made to suit any outdoor space from creating or expanding an entertainment area, using unfriendly sloping spaces or providing a beautiful housing for your pool or Jacuzzi.

    Do I need plans when installing a deck?
    You need to take into account building regulation bylaws when installing a deck. This can be provided by your local municipality.

    How long will my decking last?
    Naturally durable species of wood are used in the construction of a deck to insure a longer life span. It is also acceptable to use pre-treated varieties such as H4 Treated Pine as structural supports. Decking should offer a 15 year service life as a minimum with ongoing maintenance & care.

    Do I get warranty on my decking?
    We offer a 24 month guarantee on our workmanship.

    My garden is sloping, can I still have a deck?
    Decking is an ideal solution for sloping gardens. The manner of construction (ground mounted posts supporting the structure) means slopes can be eradicated quickly and cost effectively without the need to build heavy foundations or excavate large quantities of soil.

    Can I put lights in my deck?
    Yes, small up lighters that are recessed into the top surface of the boards.

    Can I put a jacuzzi on my deck?
    Yes, these options include cladding of sides for above or sunken in, stairs and benches

  • Why are there gaps between boards?
    Swelling or expansion during condition change must be accounted for when installing a deck. Therefore boards should be placed approximately 4mm from one another. This also allows for water runoff and prevents the accumulation of dirt between boards.

    Additional items on the deck:
    Lighting,  Flower boxes, Benches, Stairs, Pool pump covers, Hatches

    Do I pay for quotations?
    No, we provide free written quotations

    Can references be supplied?
    Yes, on request.

    Should I seal my deck?
    Wood that is left unprotected will eventually dry out and the timber will become brittle and crack. Sealer is what protects your deck from the elements and foot traffic.

    How do I maintain my deck?
    Your deck should be re-sealed every 12 - 18 months to keep it in good condition.  Give your tired-looking deck a facelift sooner rather than later as it will need sanding if it is left longer. We do offer maintenance at a cost of R150 - R200 per square metre. Repairs are quoted on separately

    What type of fixings are used on the deck?
    We use kalguarded screws or stainless steel marine grade depending on your environment.

    Do I need a balustrade?
    Decks above 1m off the ground would need a balustrade for safety measures.


Choose The Right Timber For Your Deck

S. A. Pine

S. A. Pine

S.A. Pine - The pale coloured sapwood is clearly distinct from the pinkish-brown heartwood. The texture is fairly uniform. Untreated Pine is considered non-durable. We specially order our Pine H4 treated.



Balau is brown to dark-brown, with a fine texture and meshed grain. Balau is known for its strength and toughness, and is very durable in our S.A. climate.



Garapa - The sapwood is narrow and light in colour, while the heartwood is mainly yellowish. The wood is shiny and has a strain grain and fine texture. The wood is hard, heavy and tough.



Massaranduba - The heartwood is light red to rose-red. The sapwood is slightly white or pale brown and the grain is usually straight. The texture is fine and uniform. This wood is hard and very heavy.