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Deck Timber Choices

Choosing a timber that is right for you and your home

We are proud to showcase some of these fine enginering achievments from our company.

Balau Decking

Native to Malaysia, very tough and naturally toxic to termites make this wood hard to beat! Seal or leave to weather.

Garapa Decking

Like Balau - this timber is hard and tough - perfect for the S.A. climate. Can be overcoated or left to weather. Clear coat is best!

SA Pine Decking

for those on a budget - an great looking timber for outside deck installations. Extra care needed when sealing. Specially ordered H4 treated.

Massaranduba Decking

This is one of the best timbers you could possibly build a deck with! Reddish brown in colour and super hard wearing! The best looking option!

Advice from an EXPERT!

Discuss your timber needs with us ...

Give us a call to visit your site and we will be happy to put our years of experience in the field at your disposal. Choosing the timber that is right for you will require that all factors at the installation site be considered carefully.

Choose The Right Timber For Your Deck

S. A. Pine

S. A. Pine

S.A. Pine - The pale coloured sapwood is clearly distinct from the pinkish-brown heartwood. The texture is fairly uniform. Untreated Pine is considered non-durable. We specially order our Pine H4 treated.



Balau is brown to dark-brown, with a fine texture and meshed grain. Balau is known for its strength and toughness, and is very durable in our S.A. climate.



Garapa - The sapwood is narrow and light in colour, while the heartwood is mainly yellowish. The wood is shiny and has a strain grain and fine texture. The wood is hard, heavy and tough.



Massaranduba - The heartwood is light red to rose-red. The sapwood is slightly white or pale brown and the grain is usually straight. The texture is fine and uniform. This wood is hard and very heavy.